Being a Toastmaster was more than I just joined in a speech club.

It was the first step to changing my life from boring to exciting.

Looking back at my first meeting in Toastmasters, my speech and communication skills were not so good.

However, only within a year, I have learned many useful techniques about how to speak and deliver my message to the audience effectively.

Good communication skills not only improved my speech quality but upgraded my life in every aspect.

So, I have recommended Toastmasters to many people around me and all of them are being satisfied with what they learn and experience in Toastmasters.

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Eunwoo Song, IP3South River Toastmasters / Jul - Dec 2019 President

There were numerous great opportunities for me at Toastmasters.

Wonderful speeches and evaluation.

In addition, a trained audience is at the heart of Toastmasters. They make you an excellent communicator, even a great speaker

Statistics show that at most 30% of the audience is interested, no matter how excellent the speakers are.

However, Toastmasters members are supportive and ready to listen to you. Their reactions and advice facilitate your self-development.

I have no doubt you will be satisfied. Leadership, communication, a trained audience, and friends are found at Toastmasters .

Let’s join Toastmasters. Let’s toast!

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Shaun(Seungwoo) Lee, CC/CLCheongju Toastmasters Club / Jul - Dec 2019 President

토스트마스터즈 모임에 열심히 참가하다보면 자연스럽게 다양한 경험을 하게되는데 그 중 최근 한두달 사이에 경험한 몇가지만 꼽아보아도 다음과 같다. 1) 한국, 중국, 일본 토스트마스터들과 함께하는 상하이에서의 멋진 시간 2) 중국의 토스트마스터 리더들을 대상으로하는 경험의 공유 기회 3) 토스트마스터즈 클럽을 만들고 싶어하는 회사를 도와 새로운 클럽 만들기 4) 와인을 즐기고 얘기하는 독특한 토스트마스터 클럽 만들기 5) 우리나라 곳곳에 있는 다양한 클럽을 방문하면서 각 클럽의 멋진 사람들과 교류하기토스트마스터즈는 누구에게나 본업 외에 따로 하는 취미활동일 뿐이지만, 삶을 풍성하게 해주는 다양한 즐거움과 경험을 제공하는 곳이라는 것 만큼은 틀림없는 것 같다.

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정태련, DTMJapanese English Bilingual Toastmasters Club / 2019-2020 District Director

Toastmasters showed me a whole new world to find myself and connect with international members. Many great opportunities were there for me, especially, being a conference chair was my lifetime experience that I never forget. I am still challenging myself for new experience as I see Toastmasters have a full of opportunities for everyone. Would like to join me?

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Anna Hyeyoung Lee, DTMFacilitation Toastmasters Club / 2019-2020 PR Manager