“I originally joined Toastmasters in July of 2018 to become a better presentation coach for my university students and have certainly met my goal in that area. Unexpectedly, I have gotten so much more out of the experience!

For one, the opportunity to build my network as an international citizen here in Korea has been quite remarkable. I have met so many marvelous people that I’d otherwise not have a chance to meet.

In addition, I recently built a new club from scratch with a few of my students, Gachon Global Leaders TM. This endeavor has given all of us a wonderful sense of achievement and belonging in the community. It’s one thing to strengthen our own weaknesses, but it’s a whole new encounter when we can positively impact the lives of so many others!

Please join Toastmasters! You just never know what awaits you!”

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Scott Wayne Kines, EC3Gachon Global Leaders Toastmasters Club / 2019 - 2020 Area 40 Director

내가 토스트 마스터즈와 사랑에 빠진 세가지 이유

  1. 적극적인 토스트마스터즈 멤버들의 끊임없는 격려와 칭찬 속에서 함께 배우고 성장할 수 있다. 앞으로 나, 그리고  토스트마스터즈 회원들의 발전하는 모습에 벌써 설렌다
  2. 스피치에 자신감이 붙었다. 살아가면서 피할 수 없는 스피치. 불안하고 늘 조마조마하기보다는 토스트마스터즈와 함께 미리 준비해서 스피치가 덜 불편하고, 가끔은 먼저 손들고 발표할 수 있는 사람이 될 수 있다
  3. 현재 143개국에서, 약 35만 명이 활동하는 역사가 깊은 모임인 만큼 교육프로그램이 체계적이다. 효율적인 미팅진행, 체계적인 커리큘럼까지 제공한다.

    손님으로 직접 참여해서 느껴보시기를 강력 추천합니다!
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Minjy KooIlsan Standard Toastmasters Club / Member

Joining Toastmasters was one of the best things that had happened in my life. I was looking for a place where I could practice English and meet good people to get along with.

After the very first meeting, I knew I was in the right place. The members were eager to help me and support me and they were such good listeners. My first experience as Toastmasters was 17-second long speech in Table Topic Session, which was poor. But I could improve my public speaking skills through Toastmasters Education program and by other members’ constructive feedbacks. Now I can stand out and deliver 5-7 minute speech.

Step out of your comfort zone! I strongly recommend you join Toastmasters and experience the best journey of growth.

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Seonju Ahn, CC/CLY.O.L.O Toastmasters Club / Member

With no experience and contacts in Korea, I joined Toastmasters eight months ago.

I now lead the Public Relations team for the conference next year with a team of qualified mentors and members to support me.

This is a place to build your career, network, and friendship.

I can guarantee that your journey here will be nothing short of exciting and enlightening IF you venture out and meet as many members as you can and take leadership opportunities through various Toastmasters events.

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Melanie Oh, IP1Embassy Toastmasters Club / Jul - Dec 2019 VPPR

I have been a member of Daegu toastmasters since May in 2014.

First impression that i had was  “I can’t do this, they are TOO good.”

But I am still on Toastmasters journey and I will~~.

The most important thing it gives us is we can learn by making mistakes. 

I didn’t know I was a perfectionist until I became a toastmaster. I didn’t allow myself to make mistakes before. That made me not going forward.

But many things have changed since I joined a toastmasters club.

Because I know no one cares about my mistakes.

Even though I make a mistake, members will give me encouragement and big clap so that I can learn more from my mistakes and move forward

It is not easy to find someone to share the same interest and issues with you as time goes by.

But you can also find many good and capable people from all works of life, then why do you hesitate?

Branching out is scary sometimes but if you don’t stick to the same place, that is where the new growth happens. 

Just get out of your own BUBBLE!!!

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Seunghee Lisa Han, DTMDaegu Toastmasters Club / 2018 - 2019 Division C Director

What I learned the most from Toastmasters experience is a courage to pursue my dream.

Toastmasters is a place where groups of people are following their hearts to make their dreams come true. Many of them has very clear vision of life and they are the best supporters to each other.

Being around them, I realized that I also have a dream but dare to declare because of the fear. I am too late and I am not like them. Surprisingly, my experiences in the Toastmasters crashed the negative thoughts and instead inspired me in various ways to stay positive.

I met great friends at Toastmasters who value my dreams as much as I do and encourage each other to pursue our dreams with full support.

From the surface, Toastmasters may seem to be a social group for delivering a speech and enhancing the leadership, however, for me, I can confidently say that Toastmasters will also awaken your old dream that has been covered for years deep in your heart.

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Stella Ra, CC / CLSouth River Toastmasters Club / 2019 - 2020 Area 30 Director

I needed to give a speech in a foreign country and becoming a good speaker is not something easy to achieve. It takes lots of effort and time. Furthermore, I needed a place to practice and to get feedback to improve my speech. With this toastmasters experience, I gave a speech as planned and had a great feedback from audiences. It was great experience I wanted to have.

Toastmasters is the place where you can learn how to be a great speaker and meet new people and boost your network.

I never thought that I would learn Chinese and make friends from China in my life.

Now I have been to Shanghai to join a meeting with multiple-clubs and had such a great time with them.

All those things happened after I just became a member of CETM(Chinese English Bilingual Toastmasters).

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Andy Lee, IP3Chinese English Bilingual Toastmasters Club / Jul - Dec 2019 President

Toastmasters is a great place where I improved and enjoyed English speaking skills and wonderful friendship with other members.

I could benefit the most from various positive and supportive feedbacks from other members in our club.

Thanks to our good and caring relationship with other members we could help and encourage one another to grow more.

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Jinny Jang, ACB / ALBKorea University Toastmasters Club / Member

Toastmasters is the amazing non-profit educational organization that allowed me to experience a variety of things.

Not only communication with other people, but also challenge which I never try in my life.

Every single role in Toastmasters has something what I can learn. The best thing in Toastmaster is that mistakes are always welcome! Toastmasters members are encouraging and helping me to development myself.

I even met my husband in the conference and it was easy for us to get along since we have something to share – TOASTMASTERS. I want my future children to be one of Toastmasters so that we can communicate better by having common interest.

Come and find what you can do in Toastmasters!

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Suyoung Jeon, CLYoungtong Toastmasters Club / Member

The first chapter of my relationship with Toastmasters was not pleasant. I decided to join
Toastmasters after I got into a panic while delivering an important presentation at work. Anyway, I somehow joined Toastmasters, and I did not know what was coming for me. I was significantly changed by three reasons.

First, I was surprised by the supportive and pleasant vibe of the meeting. Speakers prepared for the
speeches as if it were important business presentations, and members were actively reacting to the speakers, nodding and smiling. I was touched.

Secondly, there were constructive feedback. After graduating from college, there were not many chances to get feedback. Members were actively giving direct feedback to speakers, and they appreciated feedback so that they could do better next time. I was impressed.

Lastly, there was a huge area that I did not know about Toastmasters, which was leadership program. I joined Toastmasters only for the communication program. However, now I can tell that the biggest gain that I learned from Toastmasters is leadership. Toastmasters, there are so many passionate and devoted leaders. I was inspired.

I joined Toastmasters for one small reason, which was to improve my presentation skill. For the last
three years, not only did I improve communication and leadership skills, but I even met the love of my life. You never know what is coming for you.

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Haesook Ma, CC / PM3Sunday Bilingual Toastmasters Club / 2019 - 2020 Area 34 Director