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2022-2023 DISTRICT 93 VISION


디스트릭트 총괄 책임이사


Article VIII: Duties of Officers _LINK

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Ⅰ. District Director

Sean Jung, DTM 

District 93 Director 2022-2023

션   정 | 디스트릭트 93 총괄 책임이사

Welcoming Remarks

Dear District 93 Toastmasters, I am pleased to announce that our webpage "" is now reopened with the renewed features of Community and Leadership. 

It is not completed, yet this change will enable us members to easily access the necessary information related to Toastmasters, to interact with other members, and to be reconnected with the joy of Toastmasters.

I appreciate the hard work of Seungyoung Oh, District PR manager for the past three months and the helping hands from Hyein Lee, District Webmaster and Andy Minseok Kim, Advisor.

I hope all of our members could use this website as the primary source to get the news, events, and resources related to Toastmasters.


Home Club

Nomadic Toastmasters Club

Joined Toastmasters
2016District 93 International Speech Contest finalist
2017-18District 93 Finance Manager
2018-19District 93 Pathways Guide
Distinguished Toastmaster Award
2019-20District 93 Area A20 Director
District 93 Conference Chair
2nd Distinguished Toastmaster Award
2020Chartered Nomadic Toastmasters Club
2020-21District 93 Club Growth Director
2021-22District 93 Program Quality Director

Ⅱ. Past District Directors

Fiona Haysom, DTM

Territorial Council Chair 2010-2011

피오나 헤이솜|1대 테리토리얼 의회 의장

Kevin Parent, DTM

District Governor 2011-2013

케빈 페어런츠|2·3대 디스트릭트 거버너

James Lim, DTM

District Governor 2013-2014

제임스 림|4대 디스트릭트 거버너

 President's Distinguished District 

Michael Jones, ACG, ALB

District Governor 2014-2015

마이클 존스|5대 디스트릭트 거버너

 President's Distinguished District 

Excellence in Education and Training / LGET 2013-2014

Sungil Kim, DTM

District Director 2015-2016

김성일|6대 디스트릭트 총괄 책임이사

Excellence in Education and Training / LGET 2014-2015

Excellence in Marketing / LGM 2013-2014

Andy MinSeok Kim, DTM

District Director 2016-2017

김민석|7대 디스트릭트 총괄 책임이사

 President's Distinguished District 

Excellence in Program Quality / PQD 2015-2016

Excellence in Marketing / LGM 2014-2015

Marcie Jo Gansler, DTM

District Director 2017-2018

Region 14 Advisor 2020-2022

마시 조 갠슬러|8대 디스트릭트 총괄 책임이사
   前 리전 14 어드바이저

Excellence in Program Quality / PQD 2016-2017

Kyusun Choi, DTM

District Director 2018-2019

최규선|9대 디스트릭트 총괄 책임이사

Excellence in Program Quality / PQD 2017-2018

Excellence in Club Growth / CGD 2016-2017

Taeryeon Jung, DTM

District Director 2019-2020

정태련|10대 디스트릭트 총괄 책임이사

 Select Distinguished District 

Excellence in Program Quality / PQD 2018-2019

SoonJa Sonia Kim, DTM

District Director 2020-2021

김순자|11대 디스트릭트 총괄 책임이사

Excellence in Program Quality / PQD 2019-2020

Anna Hyeyoung Lee, DTM

District Director 2021-2022

이혜영|12대 디스트릭트 총괄 책임이사

We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

District Mission