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Bulletin Board 95
Club Building Central Busan Toastmasters 2nd Meeting
Had a great time with many 'Newbies' at CBTM last Friday night! Lot's of energy & gr
Scott W Kines
12 Dec 2022 Views 232
HDTM will have a Joint YEAR END OPEN HOUSE with YSTM! Why don't you come visit us and have a g
Giyeon Lee
6 Dec 2022 Views 173
Review Speech Contest Workshop
Speech Contest Committee has offered a Speech Contest Workshop on Dec 3 (Sat)! With collaboration wi
Chris Jung
3 Dec 2022 Views 175
Review 2022-23 2nd DEC Meeting / 20221120
The 2nd District Executive Committee meeting has been finished successfully. Thank you so muc
Seungyoung Oh
20 Nov 2022 Views 262
Club PR Sinchon Toastmasters regular online meeting
Hello everyone~ We invite you to our regular online meeting. Date: Nov 20, 2022 / 3:00 ~ 4:50 PM ■T
Dongjae Lee
19 Nov 2022 Views 178
Review GGLTM 11/16 Meeting
Feels like we are slowly building up our membership since we started offline meetings at GGLTM. Had
Scott W Kines
18 Nov 2022 Views 88
Review D93 Monthly Workshop in Nov'22
sharing photos:)Thank you all the role takers and participatns for attending the worksop today!
Gilhee Park
12 Nov 2022 Views 202
Review Region 14 Sharing Challenges and Best Practices for Renewal
Sean Jung
7 Nov 2022 Views 135
Review District TDM Meeting_20221106
District TDM Meeting (Trio +Division Directors + Managers)
Seungyoung Oh
6 Nov 2022 Views 215
Club PR Joint Meeting DTC and YSTM
Fellow Toastmasters and friends we would like to invite you to our joint meeting! Let’s double
Amelie Gaoat
3 Nov 2022 Views 113
Club PR We invite you into Hongdae TM's November meetings!
I would like to invite you into HDTM's November meetings😆 Especially the meeting on 7th &
Giyeon Lee
2 Nov 2022 Views 159
Review Korea University Toastmasters 15th Anniversary Meeting
Korea University Toastmasters had 15th anniversary meeting. Current members, past members and Distri
Taewoo Lee
1 Nov 2022 Views 79
Review D93 Educational Workshop Ice Breaking Meeting
On October 27th evening, we had an ice breaking meeting! So glad to meet each other and we had a pr
Taewoo Lee
1 Nov 2022 Views 96
Review Sponsor, Mentor, Coach Training (20221029)
Seungyoung Oh
31 Oct 2022 Views 90
Review Joint Party BDTM & PGTM
Area 33 Director Sarah Jang with coordination from BDTM President Jean Shim, and PGTM President Jeon
Scott W Kines
28 Oct 2022 Views 207

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