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Club PRThe excitement of TSL Website Launch & Our Regular Club MeetingDD08OCT

Azizah British
8 Oct 2022
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Hello, My Dear fellow toastmasters all around this universe especially in D93. Here we would like to update you on our Big day today as we Launch TSL Website and we are all drowned in excitement. everyone is so much hilarious about this Special Event. we did start our meeting with the Final countdown of launching the TSL Website before we start our meeting.

Here is a glimpse of the final countdown :

Link for TSL Website :

Link to check on what they say about TSL Club Meeting :

 We also celebrated it by enjoying Oppa JJ Social Speech and celebrating it with the audience. it was such a great moment when we finally launch the TSL Website, although it's still our first stage, yeayyy we are still working on making the Website complete, here is the link that you can explore and we might have you to our website testimonial. 

enjoy it and explore. 

After enjoying our excitement and thrill with The TSL Website Launch, then we continue to enjoy our club meeting and it feels really amazing, 

We Share several Group Photo to remember our moment all together

The Hall of fame session of where we can engage with everyone and share to support their favourite Speakers

Thank you for stopping by and take a look on our activities today, wish you a wonderful weekend and will see you again next Saturday :)

Take care and stay safe no matter wherever you are in this whole universe ^_^

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