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Club PR Seoul Online Book TM 8월의 도서: 인간이 되다
Seoul Online Book Toastmasters 8월 미팅에서 인간 문명 형성에 대하여 탐구해봅시다~! 책 정보: 교보문고
Jeong Eun Park
2 day(s) ago Views 19
Club PR Nomadic Toastmasters_국립중앙박물관에서 토스트마스터즈를~
굿즈맛집, 미디어 아트 맛집, 국립중앙박물관(A.K.A. 궁중박)에서 토스트마스터즈를 함께 즐겨요~ 액티비티와 스피치를 함께 하는 노마딕 토스트마스터즈에 놀러오세요! 만남을 위해
HaYoung Lim
21 Jul 2024 Views 38
Club PR Better Speaker Online Training
Feel that you need a little more English speaking practice outside of your normal club meetings?
Amanda Webster
16 Jul 2024 Views 72
Club PR [르포] The 600th Meeting of Blue Square Toastmasters
지난 6월 24일은 Blue Square Toastmasters Club(BSTM)의 600회 미팅이 있던 날입니다. BSTM은 2012년 1월 19일 Jamsil Toastmas
HaYoung Lim
4 Jul 2024 Views 247
Club PR Seoul Online Book TM 7월의 도서: 공감의 배신
Seoul Online Book Toastmasters 7월 미팅에서 공감을 논합시다~! 책 정보: 교보문고 도서 페이지
Jeong Eun Park
30 Jun 2024 Views 111
Club PR [June 29th. 10 AM] Visual Masters turns 10! Join us in celebrating this milestone!
Visual Masters is celebrating its 10th anniversary this weekend!! Please, don't miss the gre
Serena Park
26 Jun 2024 Views 64
Club PR Jamsil Brunch Club - Mark Our 10th Anniversary!
We're throwing JBTM's 10th-year celebration on June 29th. Come join us, bring your friends
Hazel Yeongyeong Lee
17 Jun 2024 Views 92
Club PR [Nomadic TM] Indoor climbing + Art exhibition
Woorim so
17 Jun 2024 Views 86
Club PR Busan Toastmasters Club the 800th Meeting Celebration
Seungyoung Oh
16 Jun 2024 Views 121
Club PR Welcome to Blue Square Toastmasters Club! (Newly Moved to Seoul st.)
I am pleased to announce that we moved to new venue near to Seoul st. Pls find meeting info in the
HaYoung Lim
6 Jun 2024 Views 231
Club PR Sinchon TM - 20 year Anniversary Meeting
Please join the 20 year Anniversary Meeting of Sinchon Toastmasters, one of the authentic Toastmaste
Sean Jung
27 May 2024 Views 368
Club PR [비쥬얼마스터즈] 5월 4일 "PPT몸치 탈출 프로젝트" 킥오프!
비쥬얼마스터즈 "PPT몸치 탈출 프로젝트" 킥오프! 평소 피피티 슬라이드 작성에 어려움을 느끼셨다면 이제 PPT몸치 탈출을 할 때입니다. 일 시: 2024년 5
Serena Park
30 Apr 2024 Views 244
Club PR [Nomadic TM] 4/28 팔당 자전거 라이딩
노마딕TM 팔당 자전거 라이딩 4/28 일요일 10시 팔당역 집결 10시 10분 자전거 대여(바이크토탈, 대여료 1일 13,000원) 10시 - 12시 팔당 - 두물머리 라이
Woorim so
14 Apr 2024 Views 302
Club PR Invitation to Visual Masters Speech contest
For more information Visual Masters Instagram
Serena Park
15 Feb 2024 Views 145
Club PR [노마딕TM] 나만 새해 목표 못 짰어??👀 Let’s set New Year’s Resolutions Together!
[노마딕TM] 나만 새해 목표 못 짰어??👀 노마딕에서 새해 목표 같이 짜드립니다! 인생가치관을 바탕으로 계획을 짜는 Dream Board로 같이 세워봐요~ -일정: 1월 28일
HaYoung Lim
11 Jan 2024 Views 255
Club PR Invitation to Visual Masters' Open House [ 6th of Jan. (Sat) ]
Have you made your New Year's resolution 💡? Perhaps mastering 💯 English is one of them. Visual
Serena Park
4 Jan 2024 Views 160
Club PR (Dec 9th Sat) Your Pathway life savior, Andy's Pathway Basics & Tips, Q&A
What's your pathway journey like? Perhaps, stumbling or stuck at level 3, not moving forward? Fo
Serena Park
6 Dec 2023 Views 208
Club PR Sichon Toastmasters' X-mas Meeting
Only 20 seats are available! Please register your seat! (Now, 11 seats are available!) (별)When? Su
Sohyun Lucy Lee
26 Nov 2023 Views 173
Club PR Toastmasters를 알릴 고양~
Please share and visit~
SoonJa Sonia Kim
22 Nov 2023 Views 198
Club PR Nomadic TM Open House and Speech Marathon
Sean Jung
15 Nov 2023 Views 217
Club PR Young Spirit Toastmasters' Meeting Schedule in November
Amelie Gaoat
1 Nov 2023 Views 218
Club PR Sinchon TM Fall Outing
Sean Jung
6 Oct 2023 Views 198
Club PR (Oct. 7th) Come & Enjoy Visual Masters 2nd In-Person Meeting
Come & Have a Fun Meeting Ever!! More info: Visual Masters Instagram
Serena Park
4 Oct 2023 Views 272
Club PR Happy Chuseok Wishes from VM & Stay tuned for next Hybrid Meeting on Oct.7th!!
We wish you a happy😘 & restful holiday❤️!!!There will not be a meeting on Sep. 30th.Instead, t
Serena Park
29 Sep 2023 Views 235
Club PR Magok Toastmasters
Yesterday(Sep. 19), the second meeting of 'Magok Toastmasters' took place at LG Science Park
Sohyun Lucy Lee
20 Sep 2023 Views 242
Club PR Sinchon Toastmasters' Meeting Schedule in September
Sohyun Lucy Lee
9 Sep 2023 Views 245
Club PR Come & Enjoy Visual Masters In-Person Meeting
It's been over 2 years since we have missed an in-person meeting. Finally, Visual Masters has m
Serena Park
29 Aug 2023 Views 247
Club PR Magok Toastmasters meeting
(새로 생기는 마곡 토스트마스터즈 미팅에 여러분을 초대합니다.) Dear fellow Toastmasters Members and Guests, I am so excited to
Seungyoung Oh
24 Aug 2023 Views 293
Club PR Daejon Toastmasters meeting
(새로 생기는 대전토스트마스터즈 미팅에 여러분을 초대합니다.) Dear fellow Toastmasters Members and Guests, I am so thrilled to
Seungyoung Oh
24 Aug 2023 Views 240
Club PR Open house - South River TM Club / Aug 30(Wed)
Seungyoung Oh
9 Aug 2023 Views 346

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