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Bulletin Board 124
Club PR Sichon Toastmasters' X-mas Meeting
Only 20 seats are available! Please register your seat! (Now, 11 seats are available!) (별)When? Su
Sohyun Lucy Lee
26 Nov 2023 Views 38
Information ISTM Bob Kim (김문찬) 인터뷰 23년 한국어 연설대회 1등
2017년 영어 허풍대회 연설 1등, 2019년, 2023년 한국어 연설대회 1등, 김문찬님을 일산의 카페에서 만났습니다. +안녕하세요. 간단하게 소개 부탁드립니다. 일산 토스
23 Nov 2023 Views 59
Club PR Toastmasters를 알릴 고양~
Please share and visit~
SoonJa Sonia Kim
22 Nov 2023 Views 29
Club PR Nomadic TM Open House and Speech Marathon
Sean Jung
15 Nov 2023 Views 44
Club PR Young Spirit Toastmasters' Meeting Schedule in November
Amelie Gaoat
1 Nov 2023 Views 80
Club PR Sinchon TM Fall Outing
Sean Jung
6 Oct 2023 Views 135
Club PR (Oct. 7th) Come & Enjoy Visual Masters 2nd In-Person Meeting
Come & Have a Fun Meeting Ever!! More info: Visual Masters Instagram
Serena Park
4 Oct 2023 Views 122
Club PR Happy Chuseok Wishes from VM & Stay tuned for next Hybrid Meeting on Oct.7th!!
We wish you a happy😘 & restful holiday❤️!!!There will not be a meeting on Sep. 30th.Instead, t
Serena Park
29 Sep 2023 Views 118
Club PR Magok Toastmasters
Yesterday(Sep. 19), the second meeting of 'Magok Toastmasters' took place at LG Science Park
Sohyun Lucy Lee
20 Sep 2023 Views 142
Review [대전 토스트마스터즈] 9월 모임 review
Woorim so
20 Sep 2023 Views 204
Review PQD Committee Planning Meeting
Greetings D93 members! We had a very vibrant planning committee meeting last Friday. The vision is t
Scott W Kines
10 Sep 2023 Views 219
Club PR Sinchon Toastmasters' Meeting Schedule in September
Sohyun Lucy Lee
9 Sep 2023 Views 147
Club PR Come & Enjoy Visual Masters In-Person Meeting
It's been over 2 years since we have missed an in-person meeting. Finally, Visual Masters has m
Serena Park
29 Aug 2023 Views 177
Review [Nomadic TM] 한강 튜브스터 + 연설 :)
Woorim so
29 Aug 2023 Views 176
Review 1st DEC Meeting / 20230827
Seungyoung Oh
27 Aug 2023 Views 121

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