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Bulletin Board 95
Club PR GTMI Club Meeting
Global Talents Online Club meeting was held in the early morning at 6 am. They meet every 2nd and 4t
Sean Jung
27 May 2023 Views 42
Review R14 Region Call on "Transition"
District 93 Transition call (May 23) with Matthew Mak, the outgoing RA, Ann Fanga, the incoming RA,
Sean Jung
27 May 2023 Views 31
Review 2023 Conference
Seungyoung Oh
22 May 2023 Views 51
Review 2022-23 2nd District Council Meeting
Seungyoung Oh
22 May 2023 Views 37
Club PR Korea University Toastmasters 700th Celebration Meeting
Dear District 93 Toastmasters members This Taewoo Lee from Korea University Toastmasters Club We KUT
Taewoo Lee
15 May 2023 Views 47
Exciting news! Join us on May 13 for a special event featuring Table Topics of Toastmasters. Whethe
Seungyoung Oh
9 May 2023 Views 60
Review 2023 Conference PR Meeting
최종 제작물에 대한 점검 미팅을 했습니다. :)
Seungyoung Oh
2 May 2023 Views 63
Club PR Nomadic TM & Sinchon TM
Sohyun Lucy Lee
28 Apr 2023 Views 39
Club PR Seocho Leaders TM hybrid meeting
Seocho Leaders TM invite you for hybrid meeting!! Please vome and have fun with us💙
Jiyu Son
12 Apr 2023 Views 57
Club Building [New club] ASM TM Demonstration meeting
ASM TM demonstration meeting held today(11-APR, 2023) in dongtan Area. ASM will be
Jiyu Son
11 Apr 2023 Views 90
Club PR Toastmasters joint meeting in Tokyo on Apr 22
Toastmasters joint meeting in Tokyo on Apr 22. Let's resume the great event again after long p
Seungyoung Oh
10 Apr 2023 Views 84
Review Pathways Korean Review Team_20230409
일요일 아침 8:30! 새로운 번역 리뷰 프로그램 인터페이스 스터디 모임이었습니다! 새로 함께 하시는 리사님과 협업도 앞으로 기대됩니다~ 다음에 앤디님네 루프탑 모임을 약속하며
Seungyoung Oh
9 Apr 2023 Views 46
Proposal YSTM's Inspiring Quotes
Amelie Gaoat
4 Apr 2023 Views 44
Club PR BuleRibbon Toastmasters PR
Sookhee Choi
4 Apr 2023 Views 119
Club PR 맛있는 한국어 토스트마스터즈 오프라인 모임
Seungyoung Oh
3 Apr 2023 Views 95

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