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District2022-2023 2nd Club Officer Training (Jan 28th, 2023, Online)

Jiyu Son
17 Jan 2023
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Hello, Newly Elected Club Officers!

Happy New Year and congratulations on your new leadership journey with Toastmasters! 

Are you excited about your new journey? 

2022 - 2023 Division Council will support you and make your experience better by providing Club Officer Training. 


The club officer training is carefully planned for the new officers to learn how to run the club and empower its members. 

District Link collection :

Registration Link :

Schedule : Jan 28 (Sat) 2023, 2:00pm - 5:00pm  / Online


Zoom Link :

ID : 390 204 5554

PW : D93COT!

Your leadership experience will start by attending club officer training to be a better leader and to make a quality club. 

Please don't forget that at least 4 officers from each club should attend to earn the Distinguished Club Program Credit!   


Now, it’s time to REGISTER!!!


안녕하세요, 새로 선출된 클럽 운영진 여러분 :) 


새해 복 많이 받으십시오.

토스트마스터즈와 함께 하는 새로운 리더십 여정을 축하드립니다. 새로운 경험 앞에 설레이시나요? 

2022-2023 디비전 연합 의회가 여러분의 새로운 경험을 응원하고 함께 하고자 클럽 운영진 연수 프로그램을 마련했습니다.

토스트마스터즈의 모든 정보 :  

등록 링크 :


스케줄 : 2023년 1월 28일 (토요일), 오후 2시 - 5시/ 온라인

줌 주소 :

ID : 390 204 5554

PW : D93COT!


여러분의 리더십 경험은 더 나은 리더가 되기 위한 운영진 연수에 참여하는 것 부터 시작 될 것입니다.

우수클럽 평가에서 클럽운영진 연수 참가 점수를 받으려면 반드시 4분 이상의 운영진이 참석해야 하는 것 잊지 마세요.


자, 이젠 등록할 시간입니다! 

James Lee, Jiyu Son, Brian Kim, Natasha Yang

District 93 Division Director(2022-2023)

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