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DistrictDistrict93 Education Award : Jan ~ Mar 2023

Ki Yeong Han
9 May 2023
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Hello! District93 Toastmasters members 

Here I announce Education Award awardee of Jan ~ Mar 2023 

Level Completion

These members have completed pathway level during Jan ~ Mar 2023. Coffee coupon has been sent to them.
(FYI, only those who complete LEVEL1 gets award)

Path Completion

There isn't any member who have completed a path during Jan ~ Mar 2023. If you complete a path until June 30th.  A whole cake coupon will be given. Hope you complish a path and enjoy the prize.

If you want to know about the criteria, please refer to the announcement below.


There are some members we couldn't send presents.

We couldn't contact those who live abroad and those who have not added their contact information on Toastmaster International website. If you leave your contact information as comment below. Award Committee will reach you.

Enjoy your toastmasters journey, and let's go get more awards!

Ki Yeong Han, Education Award Chair

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