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DistrictCoronavirus Update – Mar 4, 2020.

Seungyoung Oh
4 Mar 2020
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I would like to share very important announcement from Toastmasters International.

Dear District Leaders,

Toastmasters International is aware of the significant impact the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has had on individuals and communities in Asia. We extend our empathy and compassion to those who are, and may be, affected. We understand that District meetings in Districts 67, 76, 80, and 93 may not be able to be conducted in person due to safety and government restrictions. Therefore, Toastmasters International encourages you to meet online if in-person District-level meetings are not possible or preferable.

Without knowing how long the impact of the virus may last, each District must evaluate planned meetings and activities and adjust as needed. Therefore, the Board of Directors has made exceptions to the rules for District operations, effective immediately and until further notice, to allow for:

Club Officer Training: Training can be conducted online by video conference. Training must be conducted live so club officers can participate in discussions. Club Officer Training reports must be submitted by May 31, 2020.

Area Director Club Visit Reports: Visits can be conducted online by video conference. Reports must be submitted by May 31, 2020.

District Events: Events such as the District Conference, District Officer Training, etc., may need to be cancelled due to restrictions. District leaders must evaluate contracts for such events and communicate with the venue or vendor about possible cancellation. Please contact District Leader Support at World Headquarters if you need assistance.

District Council and District Executive Committee Meetings: If the in-person meetings are cancelled, the meetings will need to be conducted online, similar to the September District Council meeting. At the meeting, the District Council must approve the club alignment, conduct District elections, and manage any other District business.

Speech Contests: Contests can be conducted online at the club, Area, Division, and District levels. Review this speech contest document for more information.

Thank you for your leadership and dedication to our clubs and members during a challenging time. Please contact our District Leader Support Team at World Headquarters with any questions at

Taeryeon Jung
2019~2020 District Director, District 93

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