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Area[Result Updated] Area21&22 be Speech Contest (25th Mar 2pm)

HaYoung Lim
19 Mar 2023
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[Result Update]

Update date: 26 March 2023

I am happy to announce that we successfully conducted Area Speech Contest :)

All contestants did the best and well completed their speeches.

Every story was powerful and compelling to be a better person and motivate ourselves to achieve personal goals!

Much Appreciated for All role-takers and guests as well as wonderful speakers.

Chief Judge: Lucy Lee, Area 22 Director

Timer: Dongjae Hyun, Vincent Seo

Ballot Counter: Urim So

Zoom Master: Taewoo Lee, Training Committee Chair

Pls find attached photos to feel the enthusiasm back then!


HaYoung, Contest Chair

Area 21 Director 


Dear Toastmasters!

Please join Area 21&22 Join Speech Contest on 25th March 2pm(KST)!!

It will be fun and meaningful with great stories by seasoned speakers ๐Ÿ˜„

Please find zoom information below and contact me if you have any inquiries (HaYoung Lim, Contest Chair, kakao @ha03160)

ZoomID: 892 1769 6830

PW: dm9.YY


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