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Dive Deep into VIP


컨퍼런스 VIP위원회

Dive Deep into Toastmasters! 

깊이, 토마속으로!

Sonia Kim, DTM 김순자

VIP Chair

- Member of 3 clubs (Ilsan Standard/Hunminjeongeum/Facilitation)

- Program Quality Director

- 2017 District 93 Conference Chair

- 2018 D93 Conference Mentor

I am an active member of 3 clubs (Ilsan Standard/Hunminjeongeum/Facilitation), serving as the Treasurer of Facilitation Toastmasters and will be serving as the Secretary of Hunminjeongeum Toastmasters. 

I joined to be part of the most dynamic event in the district and the best experience of team working. 

We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

District Mission