2024 District 93 Conference / May 25-26th


컨퍼런스 이벤트


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"Reach for the Stars"
Conference photo Challenge Campaign

"리치포더스타즈" 인증샷 릴레이 캠페인

How to participate in this EVENT

이벤트 참여 방법

Hello members,

We kindly ask that if you are interested in 2024 District 93 Conference, please join this event.


How to participate in this EVENT

1. Take a photo (with MOTION : Reach for the stars)

2. Please upload to the bulletin board below

3. The club with the most popular photo will receive special recognition at the conference

Area61 Speech Contest
Changhyun Kim
Views 31
Area 31, 34 Joint Speech Contest
Shirly Jeong
Views 48
Visual Masters' Meeting on Mar 30th
Serena Park
Views 29
Pangyo Toastmasters Club Meeting: Featuring Star Speaker Gilhee
Jooyoung Kim
Views 67
Area 21&22 joint speech contest
HaYoung Lim
Views 42
Samgakji Toastmasters
HaYoung Lim
Views 34
Yeongtong Toastmasters / March 24th
Shirly Jeong
Views 40
Area 33 International Speech Contest, 'Reach for the Stars' snapshop
Jooyoung Kim
Views 92
Area 32 Speech Contest
Shirly Jeong
Views 48
We can go there! (Area 71 )
Eric Yoon
Views 46
Blue Square Toastmasters
HaYoung Lim
Views 30
Area12&13&14 Speech Contest
Serena Park
Views 37
Magok TM meeting on Mar 19, 2024
Seungyoung Oh
Views 34
Shinnonhyeon Toastmasters meeting on Mar 20, 2024.
Seungyoung Oh
Views 25
GGLTM / Gachon Global Leaders Toastmasters
Seungyoung Oh
Views 28
Busan Centum Toastmasters / March 16, 2024
Shirly Jeong
Views 168
Conf Chairs
Seungyoung Oh
Views 27

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