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Awaken Your TI93R! 🐅 | 범 내려온다! 🐅 2022 D93 Conference Early-bird Registration Opens Today!2022 디스트릭트 93 컨퍼런스 얼리버드 등록이 시작되었습니다!Register today and benefit from 20% early-bird discount!오늘 바로 등록하셔서 20% 할인 혜택을 누리세요! Please find the registration website from below link.등록 웹사이트는 아래 링크를 통해 접속하실 수 있습니다.https://forms.gle/DsAWL17CNwCyhAxv6 Harry WooRegistration Chair | d93.regcomm@gmail.com

April 2022 Membership Renewal Event

Hello Toastmasters, District 93 is happy to announce that “Toastmasters means _________ to me.” membership renewal promotion.   Participants: All D93 Toastmasters members Event Period: Mar 16th ~ March 30th, 2022 Benefits: 2 Starbucks Coffee Coupons How to participate        Step 1. Complete your membership renewal        Step 2. Follow the link and fill out…